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Sharon Brooks, Pocketlove’s Barbadian lead singer, is otherworldly good. Her voice feeds her enthusiasm, which in turn seems to take strength from the driving inflections of her voice. Really good funk music, really funky funk music, makes a listener feel mildly obscene. Like watching a racy scene in a movie with your parents (something from ‘American Pie’ springs to mind), when listening to funk in a group scenario one’s sense of self-respect shrivels, not because the music is bad but because it is just so good there must be something pornographic and indecent about it. This is Pocketlove
“…with PocketLove’s energetic, floor stomping performances being rated as one of Woodford Folk Festival’s best live Shows for the year.”
“With their dynamic combination of bombastic drums, thundering bass, angelic brass, screaming lead guitar and the powerful soul singing of Sharon on top, the future is looking bright for this funky dance collective.”
“Sharon continues to tour Australia in 2012 and will also be writing for several Canadian and Barbadian artists and producing music for film. She had this advice for upcoming Caribbean artists. “It takes a lot of stamina and perseverance to endure in this industry. You have to keep your head on and be open to change and movement.”
ShaRon Brooks and her backing band cap off the guest artists for the night. A new mum, she’s bought her little one with her tonight, with her family and friends in full support. ShaRon definitely has some pipes on her. Kicking off with a blues/funk version of Blackbird, she demands attention from the get-go (and given that I’m a huge Beatles fan, she gets automatic kudos). The backing band are solid and tight, and allow ShaRon’s voice to really push through, but still blending in with the sound. Her soulful sound can really push, and her delivery is awesome. Got to love watching musicians that truly LOVE what they are doing.
“A transplant from Barbados, Sharon Brooks is a welcomed addition to Canada’s roster of stunning female vocalists. Brooks classifies her album A Taste Of Life, as a hybrid – incorporating Jazz, Blues, Funk and everything else. Despite her admonition that difficulties in the industry stem from the fact that “…these days it all about the dollar”, Brooks keeps at it. The labels and radio can keep their dollars – I’ll take Sharon’s voice any day.”
Tony Djukic (Issue 26, The Art of Living, page 99) – FW Magazine “Pump Up The Volume”
“SHARON BROOKS Defining Me EP (independent) Local voice Sharon Brooks opens up her soul for a hot minute on this glimpse of more to come. Just a taste, but it tastes good! 8 (SC)”
Scott C – Montreal Mirror (Mini CD Reviews)
“Stretching further north Victor also adds Canadian Soul singer Sharon Brooks to the roster making My Jazzy Soul even more of a treat to anyone’s Collection.”